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 I normally do not write these diary kind of stuff, but I cant help but share my experience after this book.
I recently got a chance to read ‘I too had a love story’ by the famous author Ravinder Singh. In fact, I read its sequel ‘Can love happen twice?’ just after I completed the former. As a matter of fact, I read both the books in just three sittings!
There is no doubt why both the books became and remained a national bestseller. The book is evidently more touching than any other novels by an Indian author that I came across. Even Chetan Bhagat, yes, even the guy with the golden touch.
Both the books dealt with breakups and heartbreak leading to the author going berserk like a warrior in a battlefield. While in the first book, the girlfriend dies whereas in the second book, the girlfriend leaves the guy owing to the fact that the girlfriend don’t want to live in India and attend to the guy’s parents while the man wants just the opposite. Just the usual stuff.
But to be honest, I am writing this sort-of-diary stuff to tell you about my experience before and after and during the novel.
I also had a girlfriend and suffered a break-up few days back. It was kind of heart-wrenching, seriously. But, it was not as is depicted in films and books, because we always had an on-and-off relationships in the school (No names please guys and girls!). I know, she is reading this blog entry and is simultaneously remembering our beautiful days together. And we all know, in school, children always tend to mistake attraction for love. That always happened with us. I guess, when people want to get married, they know what true love is and they work their way towards achieving their ultimate goal.
The story is a true story and I was always interested in personal lives (Haha!). When reading the paragraph in which the girlfriend dies, something happened to me. I don’t know what it was but yeah, something sure happened. I couldn’t help but feel such love and respect for the person who loved his girl more than anything else in the world. He was heart-broken. He was gut-wrenched. He was destroyed. But what inspired me was its beautiful rendering of the words. And hats off to Ravin for that!
Me, as a reader should not be much affected by the book. But since I suffered a recent break-up, I think the effect was enormous and it will last for a few days. Everyday, whenever, I woke up, when I lied down, I kept thinking of the relationships in the book and my relationship. Both were kind of similar. Except from the fact that we are not headed for marriage and our relation was not fixed. Because we both knew we had our whole lives in front of us. But a relationship is a relationship. Nobody can deny that.
I tried to cry in the shower but couldn’t. I tried to talk to my friends, but they were all busy mocking me for being in such a kind of committed relationship. I wanted to call her and make her love me more than she used to. I wanted to tell her how badly I needed her. How badly I loved her. But I wasn’t able to. Probably I didn’t have the courage to tell her these things. I couldn’t muster up the courage to dial her number. Her number was last gone in my call history. All I had was me and just me.
Yes, I did talk to her on various social platforms that have come up in order to make a single guy or a girl embarrassed just because other people are making relationships over these sites. Well, yes, I talked her on Facebook, Orkut and what not. But that thing just never came up. I never asked, she never replied. But all those things were way past us, and I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it.
The book taught me something. It taught even after losing your love, dont stop loving yourself. Any love that you give to your girl or even parents in that matter, you must first love yourself. Then only you can fully commit yourself to the relationship.
My relationship is over, and since I have only acquired my driving licence, I guess I should be more inclined towards my studies rather than concentrating my relationships, but these things make life beautiful. The hope that you come back from college after spending your precious brain there, and you will talk to your beloved, talk about your problems, her problems, your wishes, her wishes, her expectations, your expectations that you can’t talk with nobody else, is just enough to send waves of joy in you.
Love, like life, is so insecure. It moves in our heart and occupies its sweet space in our hearts so easily. But it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Probably, that’s why it so precious. Don’t hesitate to show your affection to the things that you truly love. For a heads-up, go and give your mom a hug!
More, next time fellas!!

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