Friday, 3 May 2013




My friends used to read Sidney Sheldon novels that they issued from the library and recommended him to me but alas, I never took that opportunity. Now that I read his novel, I don't think why I had been that foolish.This book, I got in surprise. I was browsing through my brother's old novels and I found this book in a corner. Nicely kept, it had that aura of that kind of bookish charm you get when you see a nice and readable book. I kept it in my bag and rest is history.

This book is about a family weaved in a web of conspiracies. A wealthy billionaire dies on a yacht and he divides his fortune equally to his three children. At his funeral, another girl comes forward and claims a part of his fortune. Is she real or is she just a imposter. Well, to know that you have to read the sory.The beginning is good with the reader enjoying it as though it is a beginning of a film. He introduces Harry Stanford, the wealthiest billionaire of the world who is accompanied by his bodyguard, his lover and his pet dog. After some time, he falls overboard from his yacht and this starts a series of roller coaster rides. The book is enjoyable and can be read over a nice long weekend. That was not the case in me as I read it in a long, very long train journey. What I liked the most was that Sheldon kept it really simple which can be read even by a child(who is literate enough!)And the ending is superb, the ultimate surprise Sidney Sheldon ending. So directors and producers, its time to really get up and make a movie on this one, cause its gonna fetch you millions, you bet!!My rating is 7 stars out of 10. 

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