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Ok, so the latest and perhaps the final installment of the Iron Man series is here. And damn, the movie is a hell of a ride.

First of all, this movie is not for those who want to take their girlfriends or boyfriends to this movie. This is for just a group of guys or girls that can appreciate this film in their own ways. Be it hooting for the damn smart and comedic Robert Downey Jr. or shout for the beautiful yet simple Gwyneth Paltrow. 

There were two movies to choose from, Aashiqui 2 and Iron Man 3. So, I decided for the latter sequel.

The story is different from the other two Iron Man films but is quite superior. This time a new villain called Mandarin comes into spotlight and Iron man has to deal with him. I just thiught the director, Shane Black didn't utilise the full potential of Sir Ben Kingsley as Mandarin and instead projected Guy Pearce as the villain.

The technology showcased was to die for. I, particularly, am fond of technologies and Iron Man 3 didn't disappoint me.

The 3D effects were good and it will definitely be exciting for the viewers, especially young ones.

Acting and Screenplay. Well, we all know what Robert is able to do. He is one of my favoutite actors and that speaks a lot!!Gywneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts has pulled out this role very nicely and her part is fantastic. Don Cheadle in a cameo is fantastic. His physique is really to look out. SIr Ben Kingsley is under-utilised and Guy Pearce is extremely well.

Iron Man 3 is one film that is going to be a blockbuster and perhaps the last chance to see Iron Man being alive on screen with Robert Downey Jr. being comedic and stylistic at the same time under the suit(apart from Avengers Assemble, comig out in last quarter of 2013).

So, my rating for Iron Man 3 would be 8.5 out of 10.

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