Friday, 18 January 2013


Well, to say, this is an entirely new blog by me which tells my reviews and views on a particular movie or a book, which I have watched or read lately. All the views expressed are of my own and do not bear any resemblance to any particular review of somebody else(WHAT THE HECK AM I WRITING??)...........

So the very first book that I am gonna write about is THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY by AGATHA CHRISTIE(THE QUEEN OF CRIME). She is my favourite author, BTW. I just finished this book and I am quite blown away by it, literally.



Well, I never dreamed that I would buy this book for a whopping Rs.175, as my mother dosen't usually allow me to buy these crime and mystery books for such an amount. Instead, she urges me to buy a book by APJ Abdul Kalam(I don't wanna read it, seriously)......Well, I was all alone at the station(I was about to board a train from NEW DELHI to VARANASI) and therefore, I managed to buy this book in just the nick of time as the train was about to move.
Also, I never wanted to buy A Miss Marple book(the detective) and instead I had my eyes fixed on a more powerful book by Christie. But, my insane heart, who is in love with the crime books written by Dame Agatha Christie, made my hand pick up this book and pay the necessary amount to the bookseller.

Judging by its cover, THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY, wasn't very fascinating or never had an aura of a perfect crime thriller as is always in a Christie novel, but a short preview of the story, which was attached to the back of the book, gave me a start and hooked me onto it from the very first page.

The crime is detected only in the very first page of the book, which kind of gave me a shock, as none of the detective books I have read so far(And I have read many), had a murder on the very first or second page of the novel.The body which is murdered is found in the library of a retired colonel, some Mr.ARTHUR BANTRY. He dosen't know whose body is it and has never been attached to the girl whose body is found lying ruthlessly strangled in his huge library.

As the plot thickens, there is unveiling of layers upon layers of mystery which is attached to the body. The story is a little slow paced for persons who like it fast and furious in a crime novel(just like me), but it is a ingeniously and intelligent crafted story. You may want to keep it down and sleep, but somehow, that sound from your heart about who the damn killer is will never let you keep your book down.

So, a good and short story, which I read in three days(All my 175 spent in 3 days!), with the main detective coming in flashes, and the police doing most of the investigation part, is sure to grab your attention and you may want to treasure this book in your so called "LIBRARY"(Look, there is a body in your library!!!)

Therefore, 7.5 stars out of 10 for the dazzling mystery, those quirky comedic moments and yes, that elegant and nice, our own MISS JANE MARPLE!!!

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