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"Finding the human story amidst the action, director Duncan Jones and charming Jake Gyllenhaal craft a smart, satisfying sci-fi thriller"- Matt Kohltof
"This movie really rejuvenates old time sci-fi films" - Metacritic 

 Well, these are few of the most excellent and good-to-hear reviews, which were awarded to this intricated and confusing-to-many movie, Source Code.What appealed to me as a viewer, though this a sci-fi thriller, that it had director Duncan Jones at its helm(director of the famous movie MOON) directing JAKE GYLLENHAAL and the very cute MICHELLE MONAGHAN. Yes, I am a big fan of their acting skills(remember BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN or THE HEARTBREAK KID???). Therefore, I loaded this movie into my lappy and surprisingly, this movie had me and my few other friends hooked from the very first scene itself.

The movie starts with Capt. Colter Stevens(Gyllenhaal) being in a state of oblivion as he opens his eyes in a train. He notices a very pretty lady Christina Warren(Monaghan) talking and addressing him as 'Sean". He, nevertheless, tells the lady(who is actually the girlfriend of Sean) that he is a captain and he flies helicopters for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Christina dosen't believe that because Sean is a teacher. Confused by all the surroundings around him, he rushes to the washroom and sees another man in his body. As he comes to grip this revelation, the train explodes, killing everyone onboard.

Stevens regains consciousness in an unfamiliar cockpit who is then talked to a certain Capt.Goodwin(Vera Farmiga), and she tells him that he is been operating under a Source Code. The Source Code allows its user to experience the last eight minutes of another compatible person's life within an alternative reality. Capt. Stevens has to find the bomber who has planted the bomb in the train within that 8 minutes as this explosion is a precursor to a larger dirty bomb that is going to be detonated later in downtown Chicago.

Actingwise, the lead and the supporting actors did a pretty good job as to make the story look real. Duncan Jones has created quite a smart, strong and fascinating sci-fi movie. I was quite thoughtful about the possibility of the concept of Source Code in the real world scenario. We would to be able to stop the bomb just as shown in the movie, we can stop the natural calamities and what not. Source Code has unending applications in real life.

However, the ending is a little bit far fetched. The bombing is stopped and all the passengers come out safely. But it is evident from the movie that the bombing was real and all the boarded persons got killed. This I could not understand, and it is only the little niggle in an otherwise perfect story.

The director has done pretty handsome job in this movie and the result was quite evident. Made on a small budget of 32 million USD, the film grossed more than 147 million USD worldwide. It recieved highly positive reviews from everywhere and Duncan Jones was nominated in the prestigious HUGO Awards. 

All in All, Source Code is a good sci-fi movie with great acting, great score and great screenplay. I would give 8 stars out of 10, to this extremely entertaining movie and would advise you, readers, to must watch this movie.

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