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As I am a huge fan of JASON STATHAM and particulary his voice(yea, you heard that right), I caught a telecast of The Mechanic on Fox Action Movies(they are particularly inclined to Statham ; they showed his three most famous films back to back).

The Mechanic is a remake of a 1972 Charles Bronson film, about a hit-man who takes as apprentice the son of a man he has killed. The two bond over target practice and other lessons in the art of murder. The whole time, the son doesn’t know that his guru is his father’s murderer. I haven’t seen the original film but in the remake, but this becomes a  reasonably interesting story.Bodies are broken, sliced, pierced and shot in every way possible and lots of vehicles blow up in slow motion. I do not know of others but I will definitely recommend this movie to those who like it violent!

Jason Statham has a solid action movie hero look, and he does his job perfectly in the movie and his side hero, Ben Foster has also done a pretty decent job. This movie has also the potential to kick-start another franchise(just like The Transporter).

Directors like this must be very good, regardless of whether their films are worth making in the first place. Audiences have been drilled to accept noise and movement as entertainment. Considering, The Mechanic wasn't a hit in US grossing a measly 51 million USD as compared to its budget of 40 million USD.

I would like to give The Mechanic 7 stars out of 10 and would be in the safe side of ranking this film as a not so good and not so bad picture. See if you must!!

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